Everyone is unique. It is therefore no surprise that we all desire and appreciate even little but important pecks that remind us of and celebrate our uniqueness, or that which simply speaks to that uniqueness - Customization.

The Two Sides of Customization

Customization may begin from the conceptualization and design process. Or it may be applied to a mass produced item. In the former the item is conceived, designed and produced bespoke, complete with details that speak to the unique signature, taste and personality of the person originating the gift and especially the end user. Granted such made to order items do come at a premium price, but trust me, is well worth the vaue statement.

On the other hand, some find it more convenient (especially where cost and time are of essence) to simply pick a gift off the shelf and then customize.

Engraving. marking or other customization services can be applied onto any item to elevate it from mass to classy (as in the sense of distinguishing).

At Triline Ng whichever side of the coin falls face up for you works with us. We offer free advice on customization options. So talk to us and let's add our spark of genius to bring your ideas to live, for a gift as unique as you and your cherished giftee.